Is India safe to travel? Understand these 5 Indian traits and trust me you are good to go

Is India safe to travel? Understand these 5 Indian traits and trust me you are good to go!



Soul of a traveler with the brain of a Pharmaceutical Business Consultant, ELT knows how to efficiently manage her Earned Leaves and never fails to strike a balance between Work and Wander which exactly is the mantra for a happy brain, body and soul! Learn the art from the expert herself as she unveils her Travel Tales 🙂

India is as safe as any other country in the world..Understand these 5 Indian traits and trust me you are good to go!

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Incredible India – It is as safe to travel in India as any other country in the world!

You must have read this one liner across various literature –  “India is not just a country but an entire continent in itself” and let me tell you I can vouch for it.I say that if there was something called a Buy Tastylia 20 mg “world bank” for most incredibly stunning and varied interesting landscapes and people then it would have definitely been headquartered here in go to link India!

You are merely boasting if you call yourself a traveler and have not yet experienced this mystical land of moon reaching “snake charmers”, where all can perform “yoga” coz for us it’s just another everyday activity and yes meditation coz who else knows how to meditate better than us (Indians) 😉

As far as safety is concerned then every country has a character and by character I mean it comes with its own set of virtues and vices, don’t you agree? Name me one country that you would call 100% safe, I have been pick pocketed right in middle of the poshest street in Paris and been passed stupid comments by a group of weirdos in Bali, precisely what my point is all you can control is your behaviour and not others and just coz it happened to others doesn’t mean it will happen to you. If you are resisting travelling to a destination just coz you think it’s unsafe then think about this – “Life is nothing but 100% risk and 0% security” and since we are breathing we are “Living” so live with no fear as that’s the only way to live!

BUT, yes there is always a BUT 😉

Like any other place on Earth India too comes with “cautionary/warning” and here in this Blog I will introduce you to a few of those “warnings” BUT (once again) with a light sarcasm so read “beneath” those lines !

1. Ah! Those stares

If you want to be a celebrity then there is no better place than India for u! It’s in our DNA we just love observing and pay utmost attention to all (no wonder we are geniuses). Just Ignore and forgo as “staring” for us is what “looking” for you (non-Indian) is. Involving in unnecessary fights would result in wastage of your precious time and remember sometimes, Ignorance is the best policy! But (yes, there is always a but i warned you), if you sense something more than just stares like a stalker or sorts than reach out to someone you trust ASAP and seek advice.

2. Guest is God – Atithi Devo bhavo

We respect all our guests and we have been raised on this “mool mantra” that a Guest is God in disguise! This does not mean you get “overtly” friendly with all you meet along your journey. In our culture, being too friendly indicates that you are highly interested in “whatever” the other person is thinking/brewing  in his head and it’s a Yes from your end. I know that makes no sense but this is how it goes in our land and you can’t expect us to change in a jiffy can you! So just make sure you know when to say (read that shout) “No” and “Leave me Alone”.

3. When in India do what the Indians do

Okay so here is what we do – “We do not talk to strangers unnecessarily and never accept anything that a stranger is offering” (with “Prasad” as an expection to this rule). This “The Thing” if practiced optimally will get you safely through anything and everything in India. One thing that is considered rude to refuse in India is a “Prasad” which is precisely an offering directly from God so if you are offered a “Prasad” by a stranger or even your guide or your cab driver just accept and tuck it securely in your bag and not your mouth and if that person is too adamant on you eating it (definitely fishy) don’t hesitate to refuse, I leave the “excuse making” part to you!

4. We Indians have “Iron Stomachs”

Okay so you ate that biryani from that “Dhaba” on the highway last night and now your stomach is not like it was in your country than dear friend drink ORS and visit a clinic without further delay. A lesson here is No need to order the same dish you spot in your neighbor’s plate as your delicate stomach won’t be able to process what our Iron Stomachs can withstand easily (you are competing with the PROs). Be candid regarding your food preference in any eatery you enter. India is once place where you can never go short in options whether you are a vegan or a frugivore we have good options for all and your “choice”‘is our command so choose wisely and candidly!

5. Going cashless is a good Idea

Thanks to a recent drive of “demonetisation” in our country now many shops/sellers across India (including rural areas) are accepting online transactions so I would recommend you carry less cash and download an app called “PAYTM” which will be extremely useful for transactions like paying your cab  driver or purchasing groceries!

Last BUT not the least, WELCOME to India you are now a “verified” Traveler 😉

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