Ever heard of the “Heuriger “?? Find out why you must NOT leave Vienna without visiting one here! 



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Ever heard of the “Heuriger ” in Vienna?? Find out why you must NOT leave Vienna without visiting one here! 

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If you are entering Vienna by road then  my mate it’s likely you must have crossed paths with the beautiful wine gardens and vineyards encompassing the Austrian countryside. Vienna indeed is one of the best wine producing regions of Europe and an amazing way to wind up your day in this beautiful wine city is by paying a visit to these local wine taverns called the “Heuriger ” and that’s exactly what we did!

Heuriger Explained

Here is what the Vienna Tourism Website says about Heuriger culture which exactly was the reason I was so fascinated and doted on visiting one on my visit to this wine heaven  –

“They (Heuriger) are as famous as the Giant Ferris Wheel, Schönbrunn Palace, the Vienna Boys Choir or the Lipizzaner.

The real Viennese “heurige” or wine taverns. Numerous songs have been dedicated to them; they have served as a backdrop for many films. However, in the legendary comfortable atmosphere, they primarily offer the Viennese and their guests entertainment, fine Viennese wines and the fitting culinary accompaniment. A place in which to feel good, in which everyone is warmly welcome. The real Viennese heurige, in which only Viennese wines are served, are identified by a bunch of pine branches and by the word “Ausg’steckt” written on a board, which simultaneously shows when the tavern is open.

However, the word “heurige” does not just describe the tavern itself, but also the wine from the current vintage, which – in accordance with tradition – may be so-called until 11 November (St Martin’s Day). Alongside the pleasant wine by the glass, the Viennese heurige also offer their guests fine wines sold in “bouteillen” (0.75 litre bottles), reflecting the richness of the variety and the special Viennese climate, and corresponding glass and tableware. And sometimes, with a little luck, “live music” can even be heard in the secluded gardens or homely parlours..”

My Heuriger Experience

Experiencing local Wine tradition in Vienna

Well, we were in Vienna for just 2 days (time is always ticking fast for an “earned leaves traveler”)and all the site seeing, Palace gazing and Ferris wheel photography later though we could not visit the ones that are in the outskirts , we did visit the one in Vienna District 7 and Hell ya we had a great time sipping local wines and gorging some amazing cheese and bread so if you are visiting Vienna anytime soon than my dear friends book a night with Viennese wine in these super cool Heuriger!

If you have a day to spare than I recommend visiting the ones that are in the outskirts and offer picturesque views of the vineyards also here is an amazing blog listing some of the best Heuriger in Vienna so take your pick:

Vienna Wineries – Heuriger Guide And Map By Two Natives

So pals the crux is when in Vienna don’t miss out on these amazing local wine taverns!

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