The “Earned Leaves Traveler”- Are you one too? Let’s connect and share!



Soul of a traveler with the brain of a Pharmaceutical Business Consultant, ELT knows how to efficiently manage her Earned Leaves and never fails to strike a balance between Work and Wander which exactly is the mantra for a happy brain, body and soul! Learn the art from the expert herself as she unveils her Travel Tales 🙂

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Hola fellow vacationers! I am your white collar wanderer “dost” whom you may rely on for ideas/plans and lots of motivation that you may need to travel/vacation/explore while still maintaining a good work and wander balance.

Now, for the past few years I have been pondering to start blogging but like most of us I was too laid back to actualize it. However as they say better late than never, here I am! Finally numerous *Firangi Waters and countless  pharmacy where you can purchase **Badi Bhuks and ***Choti Bhuks later, I have made up my mind to share my travel experiences or you may say document them as part of my efforts towards some samaj sewa

The “Earned Leaves Traveler” aka ELT

Who am I??? To begin with I am no nomad or a vagabond or a hippie (have never had a looonggg break, not more than 2.5 weeks anyways and that too it was our honeymoon), yet I still refuse to have just One chapter repeated over and over again. Honestly, as much as I enjoy in fact adore travelling I also love to come back to my so called routine world (being a daughter, a sibling, a wife , a healthcare consultant and now finally a blogger), because this so called “routine world” of mine defines me more than anything else and makes me who I am- The “ELT”. In short, even if I am offered to just travel, travel and travel for free I would refuse to do that (I know sounds UNREAL 😉 ). Travelling for me is just a means of getting the “Downtime” or “Vacation” as you may call it from my routine life. Traveling makes me experience new places; broadens my horizon and perspective; saves me from becoming a “Kuen ka Mendhak” and also saves me from repeating the same chapter over and over again with no twist or tweaks at all. Cutting the long story short, all I am looking for (and you should look forward to in my upcoming blogs) are countless short and sweet escapades as “Zendagi migzara” or life goes on, so we must keep the flame burning!

I won’t deny travelling is what occupies the biggest chunk in my mind and planning for these travels is what keeps me going happily through some of the extra salty/bitter days of my zindagi. Needless to mention, after every travel goal that I accomplish I come back home as a new, more liberated and on top of that a satisfied and happy person. I end my year jotting down what are the International and National destinations that I wish to visit during the coming year and then I try to fit these in my Earned Leaves and Company Holidays (sshhh… I mostly end up taking leaves without pay “LOP’s” as u know how addictive this travelling thing can get but I guess that’s fine as there is no harm in having an extra scoop of your favorite ice cream once in a while). Precisely, my new year begins with checking my company’s holiday calendar!

Achieving Work and Wander Balance – My Fundas explained

The key is “Planning”. Planning your vacations way in advance not only promises an effective utilization of those earned leaves (Time) and your hard earned moolah (Money), It also keeps you excited and motivated throughout the year as you will have another vacation to look forward to after one is over! As per the study “Vacationers Happier, but Most not Happier After a Holiday”, people who vacation are most happy while planning for a vacation. But the main reason behind me planning my travels way in advance is that I simply enjoy reading about the places that I am going to visit as that’s my way of acclimatizing I would say!

It is so amazing to know that every country/place has so much to offer but it is totally on you what you intend to experience. I often hear people saying 2 days are way too less for this place or that place but what I believe is “You can know a place in one day or you may not know it in a lifetime”. This thought has a story behind it. A few months back I was browsing through those in-flight magazines reading about the descriptions of various cities. One of those being my very own Dilli (city I was born and brought up in). The monument depicted as Delhi’s mascot was “Humanyun’s Tomb”. Guess what, despite of spending all my life in Delhi I have never visited that place even once nor I remember how it looks like (last saw it in my 6th class history book). So my instant reaction after seeing that picture was “What monument is that?”. I was expecting Rashtrapati Bhavan or India Gate or Qutab Minar to be honest and I had to browse through the description to know it was “Humanyun’s Tomb”. A thought crossed my mind- at that point if I would have shown that picture to a Tourist who has visited Delhi before he/she would have recalled the name at once and that is how “You can know a place in just one day or you might not know it in a lifetime” originated. What it signifies is that you should not plan your holiday based on a second person telling you that you must spend atleast a week or just 1 day in “that place” because it is only you who knows actually how much time to spend in your chosen destination as the things that are going to make you happy and content at the end of the vacation can only be defined by “you” and not by the other person.

My Three Milestones Approach for planning any vacation

Milestone 1

Unbiased Interest – If you have decided to go to a particular place there must have been a reason behind it right! Just absorb as much as you can about your travel destination by reading about it from google in general. As a rule, I avoid reading blogs initially. I just read about that place from wiki to get a deep insight on what all it has to offer. This prevents me from holding a biased opinion. Once you have got the insights, make a holistic list on the offerings.

Milestone 2

Time to read the blogs – Now once your list is ready, pick and choose the things that interest you. This pick and choose process is eased down by the various blogs available online just a click away. Once my list is ready, I go through as many blogs as possible describing the numerous activities or must visit places in my vacation destination. This not only solves my dilemmas (you will have loads of them) but also helps in validating my travel plan. Also since the blogger has already visited that place, he/she might give you some tips or tricks that come handy during your travel. Additionally, always give your plan your special touch, blogs just help you to get more familiar with the place so that you may have a better idea about what to finalize and reaffirm whether your activity or place of interest serves up the right quality to make your experience memorable. Just to exemplify my point here, on my visit to Paris I did not even enter The Louvre to see the world famous “Monalisa” as I know I not a museum person and I actually don’t give two hoots about art or paintings (no offence please, it’s the second largest museum in the world, which makes it even more boring :p). So I decided not to go inside, though it is one of the must do things in Paris and listed as a top priority in most of the Paris blogs. It’s you and only you who knows what is going to make you happy, all I am trying to convey is that do it for your happiness and not because “everyone else” is doing it.

Milestone 3

Get your bums moving and draw out your itinerary. Decide how many days it will take you to experience the items listed in your itinerary. Move those fingers of yours and book the tickets right away and of course apply for those Earned Leaves of yours ASAP (the best feeling in this whole wide world) and you are good to go!!

Tip: Read as many blogs as you can about the place that you are planning to visit because each blog will have many new things to offer and if not new things it will have old things with a new perceptive for sure which will help in broadening your horizons.

Before you start packing don’t forget to share your plans with me!

Ciao! Time to catch the flight and redeem those earned leaves! HakunamaTata

PS: My last boarding pass is the bookmark to my next chapter

Click to view my vacation pics:

Terminology check:

*Firangi Pani – International Vacation

**Badi Bhuk – Escape to another city; a long drive or a flight away

***Choti Bhuk (Travel crumbs) – Traveling to a nearby city at a relatively short driving distance


12 thoughts on “The “Earned Leaves Traveler”- Are you one too? Let’s connect and share!”

  1. Hi Earned Leaves Traveler!

    Please share your recommendations for selecting Honeymoon destination for February next year.

    Not looking for a hardcore romantic place, but a mix of beach, party, some adventure & great outdoor views!

    Though its a little early, but I want to finalise the location so that I can make bookings accordingly. So, also suggest ideal time for booking beforehand to save on the cost!

  2. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story! I too work and wander and planning my time off makes some days bearable. I am a teacher though, so I get a considerable amount of time off. Love your milestones, great post!

  3. I totally agree about the number of days to be spent, and same goes for “if you haven’t been to this and this place, you haven’t been to this city”. Not cool, and you can know so much more about the place than just visiting the famous tourist attractions!

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