Visiting Istanbul? Check out the coolest things to do in Istanbul



Soul of a traveler with the brain of a Pharmaceutical Business Consultant, ELT knows how to efficiently manage her Earned Leaves and never fails to strike a balance between Work and Wander which exactly is the mantra for a happy brain, body and soul! Learn the art from the expert herself as she unveils her Travel Tales 🙂

enter Cool Stuff Istanbul

What exactly is this “Cool Stuff Istanbul” – Well, with the entire globe in our bucket list and the clock ticking really fast, vacationers like me hardly repeat a destination and so whenever we plan a vacation we all are actually dummies looking for some prominent answers like what we gonna do, what it has to offer, how can I best utilize my 3-4 days in the city (we “ Earned leaves Travelers” cannot think of spending more than that at one place). So, from one dummy to another, here is me sharing my – Cool Stuff in Istanbul aka things that must not be missed at any cost, it is definitely gonna help you in planning your first visit to this Cultural Capital of Europe (2010)

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Just One minute to Istanbul:

Before starting the blogpost, I would totally recommend that if you are short in time and looking for a quick guide on what NOT to miss in Istanbul then CHECK out my vlog below:


ELT in Istanbul

Well to begin with I had been eyeing this city since it was declared as the cultural capital of Europe and undoubtedly it is the city that offers you a perfect blend of two continents of Europe and Asia, truly EURASIA!

I call it the “Musical City”, those who have been here will understand WHY, while those who are yet to visit this mesmerizing capital of Turkey, stay tuned you will find it out here in my blog!

Get ready to witness the euphoria at every nook and corner in this city marked by the sound of “Goblet Drums” blending nicely with her traditional yet contemporary persona!

Things you must Look out for during your Istanbul Vacation includes:


1. Enjoy the view and never ever get bored at Beyoglu/Taksim

View from our hotel in Beyoglu

I recommend booking a hotel that suits your pocket in Beyoglu district and never get bored! This district is the major tourist and leisure district renowned for its restaurants, shops, and hotels. It also houses the famous Taksim Square which is considered to be the heart of modern Istanbul so wait no longer and book your lodging here ASAP!

2. Go on the Bosphorous Cruise

All set to Cruise!

One of the MUST do things when you are in Istanbul is the Bosphorous Cruise.  The cruise takes you on a journey to the Bosphorus strait (which separates Europe and Asia) between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea and you will get a chance to set foot and enjoy some time in the Asian side of Istanbul. We were cruised to this village called “Anadolu Kavagi”, on your way get ready to be spellbound by the panoramic view of the city, ancient forts and palaces and magnificent mosques that are truly stunning and must not be missed at any cost! No need to book in advance, you may consult with your hotel and they will guide you to a good tour operator. Do bargain :). Food as well as hotel transfers are included in the package.The cruise usually begins in the morning and you will be back at your hotel by 6PM (you may also choose to get dropped at another destination but do let the agent know about it beforehand).


3. Visit one of the most atmospheric stadiums in Europe

Cheer for the team!

Catch a football match and experience the unbeatable energy in the grounds. Ülker Stadium Fenerbahçe is undoubtedly one of the most atmospheric stadiums in Europe. Do keep in mind, first you need a “Passi-log” to watch the match inside this stadium so reach there at least 4 hours in advance to collect the same and second it is not very close to Taksim so take a ferry or else if you are okay to spend a lot extra than go for taxi (enjoyed it to the core, crossing the bridge is mesmerizing).


4. Hit a Sheesha Joint

Turkish Sheesha!

Well what to say, Sheesha and Turkey goes hand in hand. You will hardly find sheesha as good as Turkish sheesha anywhere else in Europe so take a pick. There are many Sheesha lounges in the Blue Mosque area and also around the Taksim square so go grab one.


5. Promenade around the Blue Mosque area


The mascot of Istanbul, beautiful blue mosque, do not get confused it is also known as Sultan Ahmet Mosque! Not just the mosque but I fell in love with the entire area around it, you can just stroll there for an entire day and still feel like coming back the next, it’s contagious!


6. Fill your tummies with yummy Turkish food

Yummy in my tummy!

Now that’s already a well renowned fact. From the yummy balloon breads which BTW tastes heavenly with all sort of spicy curries to the desserts everything related to food here is simply divine!


7. Shop till you drop at GRAND BAZAAR

Grand Bazaar!

One of the oldest as well as largest covered markets in the world, this place is again a must visit. You can easily walk from blue mosque to Grand Bazaar, it will be good after a hearty meal! You will find some really unique craftsmanship here but bargaining is the key remember!


8. Party hard at a night club

Istanbul Nightlife!

Known for its buzzing nightlife all around the world, nightclubs are in abundance in Istanbul. But be assured about the safety by asking your hotel personnel. We decided to visit this night club called Cahide, not many tourists visit that place but it’s a hit among the locals and thus best to experience a slice of Istanbul! Drag Queens, belly dancers, singers you will find everything here, though it is not one of the cheapest and get ready to pay cover charge for the entry but yes totally worth every penny spent!


9. Try RAKI


Alcoholic drink specific to this region and tastes best with meze so do try before you bid adieu to Istanbul!

Now, till we meet again stay connected and never get LOST!

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14 thoughts on “Visiting Istanbul? Check out the coolest things to do in Istanbul”

  1. Istanbul is a beautiful city. I have been there only once for a few hours to wait for a connections flight. I hope that I re- visit for longer period.

  2. Looks like you did so much fun stuff! I’d love to go to Turkey someday soon! The food, football, and sheesha would be at the top of my to-do list!!!

  3. Istanbul has been on my list for quite some time. Your blog post was very helpful. I’m surely going to bookmark it and make sure I do all or at least most of the above on my trip to Istanbul. Hopefully sometime soon.

    1. All these things are easily doable in 3 days thats how much time I spend there so no worries you will surely do them all and more!! Happy Tripping 😊

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