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Soul of a traveler with the brain of a Pharmaceutical Business Consultant, ELT knows how to efficiently manage her Earned Leaves and never fails to strike a balance between Work and Wander which exactly is the mantra for a happy brain, body and soul! Learn the art from the expert herself as she unveils her Travel Tales 🙂
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In this blog I dare to break the code “ order proscar europe Whatever Happens in Amsterdam Stays in Amsterdam” (not anymore!). I will walk you through my personal top picks in this quaint yet superbly modern city so just sit back and take one puff at a time 😉

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Around 6 years back my boyfriend (now husband!) who was lucky enough to visit France as part of his University’s student exchange program brought back home tons of amazing memories from his enchanting Euro Trip and one of the intriguing concept that he introduced me to was “ Amsterdam Coffee”. So, when we planned our Euro Honeymoon it was evident to put Amsterdam at the top of our 21 days touring list. Let me tell you whatever I had heard about this catchy place was nothing compared to what I actually experienced and so very rightly put “I am Amsterdam”

PS: Waitt for it…..The best stuff you will get in Amsterdam is the “Malana Maal” grown in our very own India (Drumrolls Please, proud moment ;p )

Landing in Amsterdam

Plenty of Options so take your pick! The city is easily accessible via Air (International Airport – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the third busiest airport in entire Europe and we know why!) and Trains from the neighboring European countries. You may also opt for the Bla Bla cars if you are a backpacker and do not have huge suitcases like we did. I picked flying from Zurich to Amsterdam (tickets are cheap and yes I saved a hell lot of my most precious resource “Time”).

Hotels in Amsterdam

I guess it has become sort of an unspoken code among all the travelers “stay near the city center” irrespective of the place you are going, well what can I say, I personally never followed that code especially not in Europe where transport is no issue at all and also thanks to everybody looking for a room in the city center you are bound to get better deals just a few stops away from it. So, as a thumbrule I stay close to a well-connected “metro station” just 10-15 mins away from the “city center” (that way you get to use the city transport pass aswell ;)). Read about how you can get the best deals in hotels here

European cities are charming and their architecture is to die for, you never know what you might spot at the next turn so best is to enjoy this beauty on foot! (wear comfortable shoes ladies and carry those party stilettoes in your tote otherwise you gonna miss the fun :))

Grab some beers and all sort of “stuff” here

The Menu

Heineken Experience – At 18 Euros get ready to walk through the history of Heineken Beer Brewing and after the tour soak in the info by engulfing 2 free beers that can be enjoyed at their rooftop with breathtaking city view

Bull Dog Coffee Shop – Thumbs Up to their ambience! It’s spread over a pretty huge area and you won’t miss it when on Leidseplein. Try their space cakes (loved them but BEAWARE). However, I recommend you carry your own “stuff” from many other cheaper yet good café nearby, like we got our “Stuff” from this coffee shop called “Cafe Kroegtijger”, the quality was good and the prices were definitely way lesser than the bigger touristy bars. Just one thing hit these places after you are done with your city tour;)

Delirium – The place is situated at a picturesque location, right next to the river so what an amazing view! Yes, It is a franchise of the famous Belgian Brand well known for holding a Guiness Record 2004 for more than 3200 beers. It currently offers more than 700 varieties so I must say a “Yoda” for beer lovers but my personal favorite is their super tasty and juicy beef and bacon burger. Just one thing, this place is a good 20-30 mins walk from central and a little bit tricky to spot so do not hesitate to ask.

Green Grill and BBQ – I just loved their food and cocktails so do try them out its right opposite the central station!


Party hard at Leidseplein and Rembrandtsplein

Glimpse of a club

Time to take out those Stilettoes tucked away in your tote ladies! There are numerous night spots scattered around Amsterdam, chiefly around Leidseplein and Rembrandtsplein. Most of these clubs open after 9 PM and they have an entry fee ranging from 10-20 Euros per head. If you are a true party animal then there ain’t no sunshine without hitting a few nightclubs. I visited “Jimmy Woo” and “Sugar Factory” after reading their reviews on Tripadvisor and both offered a great experience though I personally recommend that you visit these places after having a few rounds of cheaper booze elsewhere if you know what I mean 😉


Cruise the Canal with a Champagne


After foot another best way to soak the beauty and charm of Amsterdam is by cruising the canal. Also, you will be cruised through the famous “Red Light District” which I confess was hard to find on foot as nobody seem to know where it actually is. Infact a few tourist asked us the same question J Anways, you will eventually spot it! We opted for the Champagne cruise which costed us around 20 Euros per head. You may combine your Heineken and Van Gogh experience with cruise (check out for deals here)


Who said Museums are boring!

Interesting right!

Anne Frank House – This was on top of my list (I guess in top of other people’s list as well hence the rush). Just book your tickets online in advance to avoid waiting an hour in the queue. Also, the place is open from 9AM till 3.30 PM so plan accordingly.

Sex Museum Amsterdam – One of kind and definitely not a bad way to spend one fun hour for just 5 euros. Needless to say, get ready to witness some really weird but cool stuff;)

Van Gogh Museum – Think before being prejudiced! This place is not just about Van Gogh paintings and art lovers but go here for the Van Gogh Vodka (Yes, you heard me right!). My favorite picks are Cannabis and Coffee 😉


Visit “Zaanse Schans” for perfect Dutch windmills pictures!

Zaanse Schans

I say why not? Just half an hour train from central station to Koog-Zaandijk is the doorway to this traditional Dutch village where you will find several spots for that perfect Dutch picture! The wooden houses, lake, wind mills and barns will definitely take you back in time and I assure you that you will not regret even a single minute spend here!


My Amsterdam Holiday in Pictures:

FYI: We are NOT photographers and hate carrying a camera, we like to keep our hands, shoulders and neck free! We give more importance to the pictures clicked by our eyes that are stored in our brains forever rather than the ones clicked by our phones :), So excuse us for these non DSLR pics!




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