Soul of a traveler with the brain of a Pharmaceutical Business Consultant, ELT knows how to efficiently manage her Earned Leaves and never fails to strike a balance between Work and Wander which exactly is the mantra for a happy brain, body and soul! Learn the art from the expert herself as she unveils her Travel Tales 🙂


First of the zillion hellos!!

“All I ever want is to leave my trails behind not just my footprints as they will eventually fade away but writings as they shall survive the test of time” – The Earned Leaves Traveler

Hola fellow wanderers! I am your white collar wanderer “dost” whom you may rely on for ideas/plans and lots of motivation that you may need to travel/explore while still maintaining a good work and wander balance.

Now, for past few years I have been pondering to start blogging but like most of us I was too laid back to actualize it. However, as they say better late than never so here I am! Finally numerous *Firangi Waters and countless **Badi Bhuks and ***Choti Bhuks later, I have made up my mind to share my travel experiences or you may say document them as part of my efforts towards some samaj sewa :p

To me – My last boarding pass is the bookmark to my next chapter!

I am looking forward to (and what you should look forward to in my upcoming blogs) countless short and sweet escapades as “Zendagi Migzara” or life goes on, so we must keep the flame burning!

Stay in touch and keep the bookmarks/chapters rolling:)

To know about my concept of “Earned Leaves Travelling”, read my first blog: The “Earned Leaves Traveler” – Are you one too?? Let’s Connect and Share.

Terminology Check :

*Firangi Waters – International Vacation

** Badi Bhuks – Escape to another city; a loong drive or a flight away

***Choti Bhuks (Travel crumbs) – Travelling to a nearby city at a relatively short driving distance

Feeling bored and worked up? Need a vacation badly or simply share your vacation endeavors with me, go ahead and drop me a mail: 

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